Dana Says Goodbye Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Pain Free & Able To Go Off her Meds after 2 Weeks!

Shelby says Goodbye to Celiac's in 4 Weeks!

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Goodbye Lupus!

Genie joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery  Group because she was tired of feeling tired and in pain. In 6 weeks she is energized, feeling great and her labs showed that her ANA went negative and she reversed her anti-phospholipid antibody - no more stroke risk!

Dr. Goldner is a board certified medical doctor and the author of the best-selling book, Goodbye Lupus. She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Nephritis with stage IV kidney disease at 16 years old and made a startling recovery from her disease at 28 years old using her protocol, which uses supermarket foods.

She has been symptom-free ever since, with normal lab results and no trace of disease in her body. Now, she educates physicians and patients on how to heal and achieve vibrant health using her protocol and supermarket foods.

Dr. Goldner’s Hyper-nourishing Nutrition Protocol has helped patients with Lupus and a multitude of other diseases.

In addition to her Best selling book, Goodbye Lupus, Dr. Goldner has starred in videos and documentaries such as Eating You Alive, Whitewash, The Conspiracy Against Your Health, Goodbye Lupus, and Super Healthy Meals for Your Family.  She has appeared on TV, news and media outlets such as, The Hallmark Home & Family Show, RTVi News, Natural News Radio, Health Conspiracy Radio, Wellness Radio, and has been featured on the front cover of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine three times.

Be a part of the Program that Revolutionizes how we See Lupus Forever.

Lupus is widely believed to be an incurable disease that leads to lifelong suffering and endless medications. 

I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritus with kidney failure at 16 years old, and I didn't believe it.

Even after developing blood clots at 26 years old, leading to a mini-stroke, I believed I would make it.

12 years ago, by learning and implementing the keys to nourishing every cell of the body, I discovered that my own Lupus completely disappeared - no symptoms, completely negative blood work.

After being told that I would not be able to have children because of the severity of my illness, I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and now I have 2 healthy vibrant sons aged 8 and 4.

I have been living medication and disease-free for 13 years and I am now considered by my own doctors to have extraordinary health.

They can no longer diagnose me with Lupus.

I am a medical doctor, a specialist in healing chronic inflammation through diet, and a former Lupus sufferer,

And I now live disease-free and medication-free.

I want to help you do the same.

Goodbye Sjoegren's & Scleroderma!

Angela joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery and she started making saliva again in 16 days after years of dryness. She also has reversed the red hard skin from Scleroderma and feels energized and happier than she can remember.

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Dr. G's Super Healthy Meals

For Your Family.


Are you SICK of being sick?

  • Do you want to drastically INCREASE your ENERGY and Improve your HEALTH as FAST as possible?
  • Do you want DR. G by your side EVERY DAY until you get there?

That is why Dr. Goldner developed the 4 Week Hyper-Nourishing Nutrition Protocol for Lupus Recovery, Also known as the Rapid Detox and Heal Program.

This is a 28 day detox program that uses Dr. G's  Hyper-Nourishing nutrition protocol, to jump-start your healing immediately!

You can do this entirely in your own home, using Supermarket Foods and easy to access supplements.

Dr. G tells you exactly which foods to eat, and follows your progress every day to support you, make any adjustments and ensure your success.

Dr. G calls this her miracle program, because every participant has had dramatic improvements to their health, usually starting in the first week of the detox.

Typical  Results Include:

              * Decreased Pain

              * Increased mobility

              * Brighter, more clear skin

              * Increased energy

              * Better sleep

              * Better Moods

              * And More!


If you are someone who wants to get to the finish line of vibrant health as quickly as possible, then this is the program for you.

Program Includes:

  • Daily check-ins with Dr. G via phone, email or Skype
  • Program instructional guide for 4 week hyper-nourishing nutrition protocol
  • Daily workbook to log everything you eat, and submit  to Dr. G daily
  • Recipe guide for Healing Meals
  • 20 minute FAQ Video for Detox and Heal Program
  • Post-Detox  LIVE 1:1 session with Dr. G
  • BONUS - Free Copy of Dr. G's Book, Green Smoothies for Health & Healing, How to Detox Your Body and Start Healing Today!

Next Group Starts January 2019

Hear what recent graduates of the 6 Weeks Rapid Healing Group have to Say:

6 Weeks Only $2495

Enroll now to reserve your spot in the January 2019 Rapid Recovery Group.

"It is amazing the decrease in symptoms I noticed by day 3!"  -61 year-old woman with Lupus

"My Lupus arthritis was so bad I couldn't even pull up my pants without laying down. Now, after 3 weeks, I am pain free!" - 20 y/o woman

"I reversed my high cholesterol and high blood sugar, got off my medication and lost 51 pounds!" -69 year old man

"I reversed my kidney failure and my inflammation tests are down to normal levels now!" -37 y/o man with Lupus

"After 10 years of pain with every breath requiring heavy pain medication, I was breathing without pain after only 1 week!  -52 y/o woman with Lupus and Pleurisy

"My chronic acne is gone!"  20y/o woman with Lupus and Scleroderma

"My rheumatoid nodules on my fingers actually shrunk and I can move my fingers without pain!" -70 year old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis

"For the first time in my life, I don't feel anxious or depressed, and I was able to get off medication, oh yeah and I lost 60 pounds!" 60 y/o woman

"My iron levels are normal - no more anemia and iron pills!"  -
22y/o woman with iron deficiency anemia and depression

"My doctors told me I was too sick to donate my kidney to my dying sister. After only 4 weeks on Dr. G's Heal and Detox program, my blood tests were all normal and I donated my kidney and saved her life!" -55 y/o woman

Goodbye Sjogren's

Becky was unable to sit even indoors without sunglasses because of her painful sensitive eyes, and it hurt so much to breathe she couldn't talk or sing (which she loved to do). 6 Weeks later she is literally singing for joy. Grab you tissues for this one!

Next Group Starts January 2019

Danielle says Goodbye to Lupus and Sjogren's!

Next Group Starts January 2019

Still Have Lupus or other Autoimmune Disease?
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Goodbye Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Dawn joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery because of crippling arthritis and fatigue. She tried so many diets and alternative treatments with no luck. Now look at her go!

What clients are saying about the 4 Week Hyper-Nourishing Nutrition Program:

On your dietary plan for a solid month and...enjoying a lot of benefits all over my body (reduced oil production on my face, my IBS had massively stabilized, balanced blood sugar...more energy). It was truly remarkable, and I thank you for your help getting me there. I'm so happy with how amazing I feel, I can't imagine ever not having the six steps in my day to day routine." - AL

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Goodbye Psoriatic Arthritis!
Ashley has had Psoriatic Arthirits since she was 8 years old. She was in constant pain, had trouble walking, even washing the dishes, and struggled to be there for her kids. She joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group and she is now pain- free, full of energy, and back to enjoying being a mom again!

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4 Week Hyper-Nourishing Nutrition Program For Lupus Recovery

AKA The 4 Week Rapid Recovery Program

6 Weeks Only $2495


Tess Gets Her Life Back from Lupus Nephritis!

Tess felt hopeless, exhausted and lost because of Lupus Nephritis. After participating in Dr. Goldner's 6 week Rapid Recovery Group, she has energy, enjoys her family and her life, and has hope for her future.

Enroll now in the next Group that Starts January 2019

Goodbye Sjoegren's!

Joyce was weak and tired and in constant pain. She was losing mobility fast, needing a cane or scooter to get around. Her doctors said nothing will help her - she will end up in a wheelchair.  She joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery and her salive came back for the firs time in 24 years! Her legs and coordination are improving and she no longer needs the cane to get around her home!

Goodbye Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Dr. Porto's ANA was Negative after only 6 Weeks AND a 5cm Ovarian Tumor DISAPPEARED & another miracle - watch to hear what it was!

Green Smoothie Recipes to Kick-Start Your Health & Healing


Sarah had a Side Effect After the Program...

Goodbye Lupus

Take Back Your Health


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Goodbye Lupus, How a Medical Doctor Healed Herself Naturally.


Goodbye Sjoegren's!

Karen joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery and all of her Sjogren's symptoms disappeared  - just from changing her diet! She also reversed her anti-phospholipid antibody - no more stroke risk!

Participate in the program that has reversed Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjogren's RA and other disease for less than half the cost of 4 weeks one on one, and get 6 weeks of support instead of 4 weeks in a supportive group environment!

 Program Includes:

  • Weekly LIVE group check-ins with Dr. Goldner for support, education, accountability and to answer all of your questions
  • Program instructional guide for 4 week Hyper-Nourishing Rapid Healing Nutrition protocol
  • Daily workbook to log everything you eat, moods, symptoms, questions
  • Daily Feedback on your workbook and questions answered daily
  • Recipe guide for Healing Meals
  • 20 minute FAQ Video for Detox and Heal Program
  • Bonus Videos for Support, Education and Motivation in the Group
  • BONUS - Free Copy of Dr. G's Book, Green Smoothies for Health & Healing, How to Detox Your Body and Start Healing Today!
  • Access to Dr. Goldner' Healing support group where you can get and give support, accountability and ask your questions and get bonus videos and education to motivate, educate and inspire you.

Rachel says Goodbye to Lupus and Sjogren's in 4 Weeks WHILE PREGNANT!

6 Full Weeks of Daily Support Only$2495

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Emily says Goodbye to Lupus and Sjogren's in 2 Weeks!

Goodbye Brain Lupus!

Mariana was having daily siezures in the throes of severe Lupus that was affecting her brain. After paritcipating in the 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group Mariana is thriving: no more daily sieaures, her antibodies are dissppearing and she's feeling amazing.

Mary Doesn't Need A Kidney Transplant!

When Mary joined Dr. Goldner's 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group she had nothing to lose. She was already on the transplant list for a new kidney with only 14% kidney function left. By the end of the 6 weeks, she was up to 27% kidney function and no longer needs a transplant!

David Says Goodbye to Lupus, Sjogrens, and Scleroderma!

Sarah says Goodbye to Chronic Pain!

Dr. G's 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group Program

only  $2495